Recruit: Reaching Job Seeking Newcomer Youth for long-term engagement

Start with a Great Business Strategy: Hire Newcomer Youth

Refugee and Immigrant Youth are a vital talent pool that can be of critical value to your future workforce strategy. They are dynamic and connected, so make sure your engagement strategy too, reaches beyond traditional recruitment techniques.

Here are a few tips to help you attract this young talent:

Find Newcomer Youth Online

Like most youth, Refugee and Immigrant Youth are digital natives. Social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are real-time communities where youth connect, network and gather information. It makes sense to connect with this talent pool through the platforms on which they already engage. According to Statistics Canada:12

  • Nearly 100% of youth aged 15 to 24 use the Internet on a daily basis or own their own smartphone – broadly similar across all provinces and across all household income groups.
  • More than three quarters of youth aged 15 to 34 use the Internet to follow news and current affairs – more than twice the rate among older Canadians.
  • One half of youth aged 25 to 34 conduct transactions on the Internet at least weekly – almost twice that of older Canadians.
  • Nearly half of 16 to 24 year olds participate in real-time discussions on the Internet, compared with less than 10% of older Canadians.

Using Social media platforms to share job postings can increase reach and build awareness of your employment opportunities and your company profile faster, cheaper and easier. Learn more here at HRCouncil.

Connect with Refugee and New Immigrant Youth in their Communities

Refugee and New Immigrant Youth often access community resources and facilities such as settlement agencies, employment services centres, community centres, local cultural centres, the local public schools. Consider posting your job opportunities in locations where they are likely to visit. There may also be community-based events such as job fairs or community information boards and newsletters you can target to advertise your job opportunities. Access community service agencies and let them know who you are looking for. Remember, you can also benefit from the social media reach of these agencies in your recruitment efforts.


Market and Communicate to Attract Refugee and Immigrant Youth


In your engagement strategy, aim to draw in your ideal talent with images and messages that they can easily relate to. When recruiting Newcomer Youth, keep in mind:

  • When you develop job postings, be sure to use clear language, an easy to read font and allow for plenty of white space on the page. Include relatable images that reflect the Refugee and Immigrant Youth population where possible.
  • It can be easier for youth to connect with other youth, so when possible have a young employee from your establishment representing you at recruitment events.
  • An active online presence is a surefire way to get and keep Newcomer Youth interested. If you have a communications team, ensure they target youth in their messaging.

Newcomer Youth and Your Good Business

What your brand says about your property or establishment will play a part in enticing Refugee and Immigrant Youth to join your team. Youth notice what people are saying online, so highlight the great things your hotel or restaurant is doing and make sure to share it where potential hires can find it.

Here are a few things they will notice:

  • Community engagement, such as your business’s presence at local events and seasonal activities.
  • Social contributions, such as when your business gives to socially valued causes.
  • Environmental conscientiousness, including your business’s commitment to recycling, or green efforts such as reduced energy consumption or local product sourcing.
  • Ethical commitment, such as the decision to work with farmers who employ free range practices or choosing to use non-GMO food products.

Opportunities, Benefits and Perks

Hospitality and Food Services is a vital industry in Toronto with a wide range of opportunities and some great benefits and perks for employees. Make sure Newcomer Youth are aware of what your restaurant or hotel can offer. Things such as:

  • Flexible work hours which can be a bonus for Refugee and Immigrant Youth who want to pursue further education or community interests;
  • A place to create a new network of colleagues and contacts in the industry;
  • Or the chance to learn new transferable skills to take with them as they progress along their career path at your establishment.13

In addition, who can forget that there’s always a chance to sample some incredible culinary creations or take part in some unforgettable experiences – now that’s a tasty perk!

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